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Return – Where to?

During your stay in Germany , time did not stand still in your home country. Many things have changed – some have improved, some may have deteriorated.

Therefore the decision on a return to the home country should always be thoroughly considered. This also applies if you are obliged to leave Germany .

Note: Please consider that a voluntary compliance of the obligation to leave offers certain chances for organizing your leave. In the case of a deportation, a compulsory enforcement of your leave, you can neither determine the time of your leave nor your destination.

The return or the voluntary compliance of the obligation to leave is especially benefited in Germany . For these cases, various advice centers for repatriates have been set up in Germany .

If you:

you should call on an advice center for repatriates. There you will receive information on possibilities of financial support or facilities in your country of origin (medical care, schools, labor market).

For further information on support programs or the situation in the country of origin, please have a look at the website of the Zentrale Informationsstelle zur Rückkehrförderung (ZIRF – Central Information Office for the Support of Repatriates). There you can also search for an advice center for repatriates. To website