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The Duldung or “temporary suspension of deportation” is no Aufenthaltserlaubnis (temporary residence permit). It is a certificate which is issued for refugees who are obliged to leave Germany. A Duldung can be issued as



Duldung means that

An obligation to leave Germany arises if the reasons for escape in the asylum request were rejected and the rejection is legally binding.

If there was no approval given in the asylum request, there can still be legal and de facto reasons for a necessary further stay in Germany .

With the final rejection, however, you are obliged to cooperate in the procurement of the passport. You can find information on cooperation obligations here.

Ablehnung ungeklärte Identität Ausbildung Beschäftigung

If a departure is legally and de facto possible and is only not possible because the refugee is not willing to depart, the aliens department will deport (forced return) the refugee. The deportation will not be announced beforehand.

For information on leave and return, please click here.