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Work with Aufenthaltsgestattung or Duldung

Unfortunately, for refugees coming from so called „safe countries of origin” (Ghana, Senegal, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) a general prohibition of labour applies.

For everyone else:


With a "Aufenthaltsgestattung" (temporary residence permit for the time of the asylum request procedure) or with a "Duldung" (temporary suspension of the deportation) the respective person is not permitted to work during the first 3 month of her / his stay in Germany .

From the beginning of the 4 th month of the stay in Germany , a Beschäftigungserlaubnis (employment permit) may be applied for. A concrete employment offer, which is checked by the employment agency, must be submitted to the local authority for foreign immigrants. The required forms that have to be completed by the employer can be found under “Application”. The employment can only be started, after the "Beschäftigungserlaubnis" was given.

A self-employed work is not permitted.

If the respective person has stayed in Germany for more than 4 years, no employment offer has to be submitted. Upon request, the local authority for foreign immigrants gives a "Beschäftigungserlaubnis" which is valid for all working places.

Note: There is a special regulation for the "Duldung":

Note! If you are doing a professional training or are about to start, you can get a 'Duldung' for the duration of your apprenticeship. If you already finished a professional training or obtained a qualified employment you can be granted a temporary residence permit.

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