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Social benefits with "Aufenthaltsgestattung or Duldung"

If you have either an "Aufenthaltsgestattung" (temporary residence permit for the time of the asylum request procedure) or a "Duldung" (temporary suspension of the deportation), you can apply for benefits according to the “Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (AsylbLG)” (law for benefits for asylum seekers).

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If you receive benefits according to the AsylbLG, a claim to any other benefits is excluded.
However, you can apply for an exemption from the radio and television license fee.

You can apply for an exemption from the radio and television license fee and apply for social benefits for education and participation.

Moreover, for citizens from:
Bosnia and Herzegovina , Morocco , Montenegro , Serbia , Tunisia , and Turkey
there are special regulations (intergovernmental agreements), according to which you may receive "Kinder- or Elterngeld" (parenting benefit) under certain conditions.




Application for benefits according to "AsylbLG":

In the context of the asylum request procedure you will be assigned to a community. As a rule, the community is informed about this beforehand, because accommodation is organized there. An application for benefits according to the AsylbLG is submitted at the social security office. There is no special application form.

The assignment to a community also persists in the case of a “Duldung”.

Further information:

During the first 15 months you will receive basic benefits according to § 3 AsylbLG. These benefits can be granted as pocket money and allowance in kind. Also, you can be legally obligated to take up a work offer that the Jobcenter is assigning you to.

Unmarried adults / Head of household: 354 Euros per month
Wife or husband: 318 Euros per month
Child from 18 years: 284 Euros per month
Child from 14 years: 276 Euros per month
Child from 7 years: 242 Euros per month
Child up to 7 years: 214 Euros per month

You will receive medical treatment in the case of pain, acute illnesses, and pregnancy.
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